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'The Restaurant' by Caesarstone and Tom Dixon

Caesarstone is collaborating with celebrated British designer Tom Dixon on a multi-sensory creation.
'The Restaurant' consists of four conceptual kitchens inspired by the elements – Earth, Fire, Water and Air.
Displayed at Milan Design Week 2016.

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Caesarstone is proud to present "Elements", a collaboration with world renowned designer Tom Dixon for 2016.

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“The Mirror of History”

Spanish artist Jaime Hayon designed the "mirror of history", huge mirrors embedded Caesarstone surfaces, as part of the exhibition “Funtastico”

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Thirty-Four Project

Caesarstone presents the "Thirty-Four" project, a collaboration with British design house KUKKA at London Design Week 2015.
The installation is an innovative re-interpretation of Caesarstone's surfaces and tables.

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Caesarstone presents 'Movements', a collaboration with the acclaimed designer Philippe Malouin.
This two part installation examines the unexpected use of Caesarstone's surface material and
process-based design, showcased in Milan Design Week 2015.

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Caesarstone's Book of Details

Caesarstone's Book of Details
includes a groundbreaking innovative approach
to kitchen surfaces that completely changes the perception of the material.

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The leading Wallpaper* magazine,
in association with Caesarstone, presents 'Israel Revealed' -
a special supplement on Israeli design, architecture and style.

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Sebastian Herkner for Caesarstone

Skid - These beautiful bench and table, made entirely
out of Caesarstone by designer Sebastian Herkner, are displayed
as part of Wallpaper* Magazine's Handmade exhibition in Milan and NYC.

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Caesarstone presents 'Islands', a collaboration with acclaimed Raw Edges studio.
The installation, which was showcased at Milan Design Week 2014, brings a fresh
outlook on contemporary interior designehaur.

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Jürgen Mayer-Hermann for Caesarstone

Pipapo - This beautiful sculptural bench of Caesarstone surface,
made by the acclaimed architect Juergen Mayer-Hermann, represents
an endless pattern field playing with dimension and form.

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Design Inspiration

A high-end trend book showcasing five inspiring interior design trends.
The book’s full version is available for download.

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nendo for Caesarstone

Presenting Stone Garden and Stone Edge Table: Two exclusive installations
created for Caesarstone by world-renowned Japanese design studio, nendo, expressing
the beauty and functionality of Caesarstone's surfaces.

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Eurocucina 2012

Caesarstone's "Total Look" kitchen, showcased at the 2012
EuroCucina Exhibition, highlights the incredible impact of luxurious white décor.

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